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                                       Our website is still in development, but our objective is to help educate existing fractional
                                       asset or timeshare owners, and future ones, about the many types of available programs in
                                       this industry. In doing so we will also expose the common sales misrepresentations made
                                       and the common resale frauds that have, and continue to hurt this industry, costing owners
                                       millions of dollars each year needlessly.  
                                       We are NOT a timeshare rental broker or resale agency! We are building an online resource
                                       platform for both the 8.8 million existing fractional asset owners so they better understand the                                                                    programs they already own, and those who may be considering buying one. We will provide
                                       the most recent industry news and latest resale scams reported worldwide. 
                                       Once launched in late May 2014, our website will offer owners an affordable way to list their
                                       assets for rental or resale directly. We will drive traffic to our site through social media and
                                       printed materials. Along the way we will bring buyers,  sellers and renters together in a new
                                       way that offers more value and a clearer picture of the risks associated with these assets.
                                       To accomplish our goals, we will release a printed and e-Book version of an information-rich
                                       40-page Special Report that will provide you with a behind the scenes look into the world of
                                       the timeshare industry called Understanding Fractional Asset Programs.
                                       This report was designed to become a MUST READ publication for anyone that owns or may
                                       want to own a fractional resort lodging asset. It showcases some of deceptive timeshare sales
                                       practices used and misrepresentations made by some project developers.
                                       Through the support of our global network of Ad Sponsors, we will distribute over 5 million of
                                       these printed booklets for free worldwide by the end of 2016. Look for them this summer in your
                                       favorite travel destination tourist information centers, airports, hotel racks and public libraries
                                       across Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. Plus highway stops between Los Angeles
                                       and Las Vegas, Orlando, the Hawaiian and Caribbean Islands,

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